“GQ JAPAN” September/2015

VONN/VN005 ACE is recommended by Mr. Yoshi Miyamasu in the chapter of “GQ WARDROBE” under GQ JAPAN” September/2015. The frame of ACE is made of metal with blue-marble pattern, so it gives the intellectual impression to people. ACE suits both men and women, and it also could be used as eyeglasses or even fashion glasses without lenses. Therefore, please read this magazine and check VONN’s items when you have the chance!   VONN started from the spring of 2015. It designs base on saving the waste of power, and also features as free from the existing rule. The exquisite size of 0.1mm thickness, as well as using Chic color, present the Aesthetic of Japanese. The slender design is shaped by craftsmen in Japan, which is praised of extremely high quality. VONN’s eyewear is a natural presence with people who are wearing it; in the meanwhile, it also shows the style and value of people.



VONN/VN005 ACE ¥26,000